International Women's Day 2020: How We're Showing Support

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For the upcoming International Women’s Day on March 8th, we’ll be celebrating the achievements of women in the fitness world, from athletes, to our community, to the talented women at Ryderwear HQ. 

Women who’ve used the confidence and resilience they’ve gained from training to challenge stereotypes and take that leap of faith to pursue their true passions. 

We’ll be empowering women to be strong and fiercely independent through their fitness and training, to take risks and broaden perceptions of what women can accomplish, whether that’s in fitness or their careers.  

So what can our Ryderwear community do to join in? 

We want you to share your support for #IWD2020 by taking to social media and striking the #EachforEqual pose but with a Ryderwear spin, by holding dumbbells in each hand, as pictured below.

Whether it’s working out or something beyond the gym, we want you to tell us what empowers you in the caption!

What does #IWD2020 mean to us?

Women’s empowerment has always been part of the Ryderwear DNA. 

Since day one, we’ve been empowering women to redefine femininity, overcome adversity and follow their dreams through fitness. 

We’ve always encouraged women to subvert typical expectations of what a woman should be. Women can be strong yet feminine, women can run a family and a business, women can lift heavy weights.

The theme for International Women’s Day in 2020 is #EachforEqual. 

An equal world is an enabled world. A world where women are celebrated for their differences and complexities. A world where women have their own space in the squat rack.

This is why we’ll be celebrating women’s achievements and helping create a gender equal world for International Women’s Day 2020.

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So head over to Instagram, share your snap and your story with the #EachforEqual pose and remember to tag @ryderwear #ryderwear!