That NKD Feeling: What makes our NKD range so special

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Feels like nothing, ready for anything

Cardio and music, Sundays and cheat days, Ryderwear and NKD. Some combinations are just a perfect fit, which is why NKD has been a signature staple in our lineup for years and beloved by our community.

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When most people think of fitness they think of gritty, unglamorous workouts, the discipline & the discomfort of that final set of deadlifts. But with NKD, we wanted to add some luxury to your lifting, while still offering functional activewear that empowers you to perform at your best.

Trends have come and gone, but the luxe, buttery-soft fabrics have always had a timeless appeal. The perfect nylon and elastane blend means that NKD offers the smoothest feeling against your skin, with a fabric that’s so lightweight it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all (it’s called NKD for a reason).

The iconic NKD fabric is also an interlock knit that’s double sided and knitted tightly. Not sure what this means? Well, while your activewear will stretch a little over time, NKD offers our best level of stretch and retention, meaning that while the fabric will stretch to fit you, it quickly retracts back to its original shape and fit every time - making it ideal for flattering your silhouette. It’s also extremely easy to care for and moisture wicking, absorbing sweat to keep you cool while you train.

Here’s how our NKD range has evolved over the years

Over the years, we’ve continually updated and reimagined our NKD collection with the latest seasonal colours and trends (while keeping a few old favourites). NKD Align is no different, offering a blend of modern, on-trend colours like chocolate and striking hues like Watermelon that help you stand out in the squat rack or on IG feeds.

Because lifting performance is always at the heart of everything we do, we’ve also updated NKD Align with new functional features for your training, like the internal waistband pockets that you can use to store your essentials while you train. Get that NKD Feeling and shop NKD Align here

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