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From setting new deadlift records, AMRAP challenges & trying to outflex the guy next to you in the squat rack - gym lovers are more competitive than most.

So when we told our community we were going to hold an Easter hunt just for lifters with MINIMUM 40% off sitewide, we knew we’d see some next-level dedication to finding the best deals. We’ve seen gameplans laid out, alarms set for ungodly hours, even lifters planning what workout they’re going to do in their new gym gear first (legs, of course).

To help you with your Easter sale strategy, we’re giving you an inside look at which of our training apparel is going to be the most-hunted. These are the best of the best, high-performance gym wear pieces created to level up your lifting, that we know will be sitting atop of the sale leaderboard and selling out fast!


Made with performance in mind, this collection features breathable mesh fabrics with a lightweight feel, so nothing holds you back from training your hardest. The designs are physique enhancing, with options for both lifting and lounging.

Essential in their simplicity, these pieces are the new reliable core of your gym bag. This is gym wear you can throw on without a second thought, offering simple yet essential designs that keep the focus firmly on the workout. No fleeting trends, no fuss: just high-performance, ultra-comfortable fabrics which have you covered through the toughest training sessions.

FLEX | 40% OFF
Flex your firepower through every heavy lifting session in this collection. The lightweight cationic fabrics accentuate your hard-earned physique, while breathable mesh panels in all the right places ensure you’ll find your perfect training temperature with ease. Sweat-wicking and available in staple-colourways, this collection has you covered whether you’re a homebody or a squat rack regular.

With comfortable fabrics lifters love, you can give it your all in this restriction-free collection. The stretch cotton offers the ultimate lightweight feel, while the classic tonal colours mean there’s a look for every lifter.

The D-Mak is the ultimate hardcore lifting shoe, offering a flat, thin sole for unparalleled support and correct lifting form. With the functionality of our original lifting shoes fused with a futuristic design, this is the pro bodybuilders shoe of choice, boasting modern tech patterned fabrics and carbon fibre detailed vinyl panels. With a high top design, these men’s lifting shoes offer essential support on leg day, while allowing you to get closer to the ground for maximum power and drive in your lifts.

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