My Day on a Plate: Charity Witt

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It’s not just abs that are made in the kitchen. Those hours spent meal-prepping and macro-tracking help our bodies recover quicker from that sweat-soaked HIIT session, make us stronger in the squat rack, nourish us and make us feel healthier and more confident.

To give our Ryderwear community an insight into how they can use food to help their fitness flourish, we’ve asked our athletes to share a day on their plate.

We spoke to Powerlifter, Strongwoman and Titan Games winner Charity Witt about her nutrition philosophy, and the food that fuels her through lifting and life.

Meal One: 1 cup egg white with 85grams berries, 1 serving of Reds & Greens, 1 Cup of coffee.

I’m not a big breakfast person, so I love starting my day off with something quick and nutritious.

Meal Two: Salmon seasoned with cinnamon, salt, pepper, cayenne and splenda. Cooked at 375 for 10 mins. Paired with arugula and balsamic dressing

On a rest day my carbohydrates are always lower. I like this meal in particular, because it’s so simple, vitamin and mineral rich, and filling!

Meal Three: Lean cut steak with sweet potatoes and bell peppers

This meal really hits the spot. I love a good steak and fries on a cheat day, so to recreate this at home for myself I popped some diced sweet potatoes in the air fryer to pair with my steak. This is absolutely a favourite!

Meal Four: Greek yogurt, 1 scoop protein powder, chopped up protein bar, sugar free whipped cream.

Ever get the late night munchies? Yeah, me too! I love a chocolate protein bar and yogurt whenever I’m getting late-night cravings. On those nights when the Ben & Jerry’s is calling my name, this little snack does the job. 

Prepare now for your workout at home! For ladies, the best workout gear must include the new leggings.