Evolution’s Answer: X-Force High Top

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You’ve seen the bodybuilding shoe evolving before your eyes, with each new version providing better mechanics, better grip, better support and better ankle wrap.

With the release of the X-Force High Top, Ryderwear takes an evolutionary leap forward to deliver the ultimate training shoe for serious bodybuilders. The X-Force High Top is unique in its appearance, with rubber features, lock straps and a thick profile sole. Yet, it still retains the features that you’ve come to rely on in our best-selling FLYLYTES and D-MAK BLOCKS.

X-Force: The Future of Lifting

The X-Force High Top represents the future of lifting for the serious iron pumper. As a dedicated gym rat, you know that your shoe is not the be-all and end-all of your training but it is a vital part of your overall workout experience. When you’re grinding through your last set of squats on leg day, it’s those little features built into your lifting shoe that can make the difference between smashing it and bailing out.

Here’s how the X-Force High Top; Evo will help you get the business done on the gym floor . . .

Super Light Weight

The only thing heavy in the gym should be the weight you’re lifting. The X-Force High Top; Evo is so lightweight that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

High Ankle Collar

The high ankle collar and reinforced heel ensure maximum support for the ankle and achilles. This delivers more stability and foot lockdown when grinding out those last few gruelling reps.

Lightweight, Breathable Fabric

The fabric that goes into the X-Force High Top; Evo not only delivers an incredibly lightweight shoe, it also provides maximum ventilation, comfort and durability.

Thick, Flat Rubber Sole

The rubber sole of the X-Force High Top; Evo has been engineered for flat foot lifting, maximum traction and optimized lifting profile. It includes just the right level of padding to allow you to take it from the gym to the street.


Time to Take it Up a Notch

The X-Force High Top; Evo is the future of hardcore lifting footwear. We’re offering this bad boy in two colours:

This shoe will help you to push past your squat and deadlift training plateaus, with superior lockdown to deliver maximum leg drive. So, why hold yourself back? Get the X-Force High Top today – and evolve your training tomorrow!

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