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Boxing isn't a fitness trend, it's a mainstay in the workout world. And it's an accessible addition to almost anyone's workout. Yes, you could start boxing if you wanted to. And after you read this article, you'll probably want to. You don't need to be an expert, you don't need to know every move, you just need a little guidance from a professional and tenacity. After a couple sessions, we guarantee you'll be hooked! *my attempt at incorporating a boxing pun

Total Body Strength

Unlike isolating a muscle group when you lift a weight, punching a 100lbs bag requires activation from your entire body.

Pushing a punch engages your arms, chest, back, core, legs, focus, and breathing. Not to mention the movements your body makes as you dance around the bag will have you doing the equivalent of squats, lunges, and hip thrusts just through the process of setting yourself up for a hit. No one is the hero when you're boxing, it's a whole body team effort.


Cardiovascular Training

Put your hand up if you hate cardio. ... if you don't have your hand up by now, you're lying or crazy. Okay, not really. I know cardio can be enjoyable - like through boxing! Yup, boxing gives you a killer cardiovascular workout, helping you protect against heart disease, reduces your blood pressure and blasting through a wicked amount of calories.

In just an hour of boxing, one can burn anywhere between 500 - 650 calories. That's the equivalent of 3 Fresco Crunch Tacos from Taco Bell (yes I count my calories burned in tacos). So if you love to strength train but dread those treadmill sessions, swap them out for boxing and you'll get your heart pumping just as much!


Improved Agility

Ever heard the term "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"? This may be an old proverb, but it's very true. Boxing helps fine tune your brain to body connection, improving hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and balance.

At first, you may feel like a clumsy ape swinging away at a heavy bag. But, as time goes on and you train more, you'll notice your body moving effortlessly without much thought. You'll gain confidence in your motions as you improve your boxing skills. This ability will translate into everyday life, as well. I'm not saying you'll never trip for no reason or fumble and drop an expensive glass full of wine all over your friend's white skirt (perhaps speaking from personal experience), however, you will have more control over your body on the whole.


Boost Your HGH

HGH translates to human growth hormone, which is basically the fountain of youth. It's been acclaimed to have anti-aging and performance enhancing properties, although research is limited.

When you approach your max VO2 levels when exercising, HGH is produced. But you have to push it to 75 - 90 percent max VO2, which doesn't always occur with weight lifting alone. You can reach these levels easily through boxing, especially if you're mad at your ex for something. Kidding (kind of). So pick up those gloves and access that fountain of youth!


Stress Relief

Most exercise help to reduce stress, as it increases endorphins, boosts your mood and helps to improve other stress relief activities, like sleep (get your head outa the gutter!).

Boxing is extra killer at releasing stress, as it's been shown that intense bouts of exercise where you're pushing yourself for a few minutes at a time can mentally relax you not only during the activity, but after as well. The other unique quality boxing features to help reduce stress is: kicking and punching! It might sound like I'm kidding but, when you had a tough day at work or when you're mad at that ex as noted above, good old fashioned boxing can do wonders to release those emotions.


You can normally find a trainer experienced with some form of boxing at your local gym. Or go straight to the source and join a boxing gym for a little while! Once you have some proper training, you can begin incorporating boxing into your weekly workout. But, if you're anything like me, get ready to hear the Rocky theme song in your head the entire time!

Author: Jamieson Eileen

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