• Master Hydration

    master hydration

    Water. We all know drinking it is important. This wet stuff helps us remove waste, lubricate our joints and even regulate our body temperature! To say it is a jack of all trades inside your body would be an understatement. What I’m trying to say is, water is kind of a big deal. And making sure you’re hydrated is super simple too—just drink water! I know sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest to execute, so I have collected three easy habits you can start practicing today that’ll get you guzzling more and more of this life-supporting liquid!

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  • The Best Protein Powder For You

    protein image: spa finder

    We've all been there. You walk into the supplement store and are met with a wall of choice. Each one claiming it is better for you than the next - concentrate, casein, isolate.... How is one meant to navigate between this protein or that protein? With our help, that's how.

    Here is a breakdown of 5 popular proteins so you can better pick which is your winner.


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  • 10 Sneaky Reasons You're Eating More Calories Than You Think 

    calories-1Even if you’re watching your calorie intake like a hawk, it’s easier than ever to overeat - and you may not even notice until you step on the scale.


    Between packaged goods and dining out, finding healthy options isn’t always easy - even if you think you’re making good choices.


    Here are ten ways you’re consuming more calories than you think - and what you can do instead to stay on the right track: Continue reading

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