• Ultimate Kettlebell Workout

    ultimate kettlebell workout

    A kettlebell is a killer piece of workout equipment. Originally used by farmers in Russia, it can be utilized in cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. But some still struggle to incorporate kettlebells into their routine. I get it, it can be confusing. Is it a kettle? Is it a bell? What is it really!?

    To clear things up, I’ve put together a full body kettlebell workout you can crush to get better acquainted with this fantastic workout companion! Perform each exercised between 10 – 15 reps and run through them 2 – 4 times (depending on fitness level and goals). Happy sweating! Continue reading

  • 9 Must-Follow Fitness Bloggers You'll Love

    blogger-1With so much content online, it can be a challenge to find, and fall in love, with the right fitness blog for you.

    But, hey, you found us, right?

    We’d like to introduce you to nine more fitness bloggers we’re crazy about - from ladies who love to lift, to geeks getting their fitness on, to crazy-entertaining CrossFit pros.

    Here’s what makes them great:

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