• When To Hire A Personal Trainer

    personal trainer


    So, you’ve been working out for a while now. The gym is basically your second home, you might as well start calling the front desk girl “Mom” and set yourself up a cot in the stretching are to sleep in.


    Why would you need to hire a Personal Trainer when you’re the best at all the things? Glad you asked! Even if you’ve been training for as long as you can remember, there is still a big benefit to hiring a professional.

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  • Master Hydration

    master hydration

    Water. We all know drinking it is important. This wet stuff helps us remove waste, lubricate our joints and even regulate our body temperature! To say it is a jack of all trades inside your body would be an understatement. What I’m trying to say is, water is kind of a big deal. And making sure you’re hydrated is super simple too—just drink water! I know sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest to execute, so I have collected three easy habits you can start practicing today that’ll get you guzzling more and more of this life-supporting liquid!

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  • Fitness Trends Due to Fizzle Out in 2017

    fitness trends

    Although staying in shape never goes out of style, every year there are some fitness trends we all scratch our heads over and wonder why they’re so popular. But, in the truest nature of a trend, they'll always fizzle out as fast as they caught fire.

    Here are 5 trends which were hot in 2016 but not for 2017.

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  • Do Anywhere Workout Routine

    workout routine


    When you're in love with fitness, it can be hard to fathom taking an extended break. On the road, visiting family or just taking a vacation... when you don't have access to a gym it doesn't mean your training has to suffer. Here is a quick and dirty do anywhere workout you can sweat out even when you're on the road.

    All you need is a raised surface, like a park bench or kitchen chair, and you're in for a great workout! Psst... if you can find a jungle gym or safe surface to hang from, there's a bonus exercise at the end!

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  • Fighting Fit: The Benefits of Boxing



    Boxing isn't a fitness trend, it's a mainstay in the workout world. And it's an accessible addition to almost anyone's workout. Yes, you could start boxing if you wanted to. And after you read this article, you'll probably want to. You don't need to be an expert, you don't need to know every move, you just need a little guidance from a professional and tenacity. After a couple sessions, we guarantee you'll be hooked! *my attempt at incorporating a boxing pun

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  • Ultimate Kettlebell Workout

    ultimate kettlebell workout

    A kettlebell is a killer piece of workout equipment. Originally used by farmers in Russia, it can be utilized in cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. But some still struggle to incorporate kettlebells into their routine. I get it, it can be confusing. Is it a kettle? Is it a bell? What is it really!?

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  • 9 Must-Follow Fitness Bloggers You'll Love

    blogger-1With so much content online, it can be a challenge to find, and fall in love, with the right fitness blog for you.

    But, hey, you found us, right?

    We’d like to introduce you to nine more fitness bloggers we’re crazy about - from ladies who love to lift, to geeks getting their fitness on, to crazy-entertaining CrossFit pros.

    Here’s what makes them great:

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