Why We DON’T Set New Years Resolutions


Another year around the sun is upon us. This is a time when we all look back upon what we did (or didn’t) accomplish and make plans to “do things better this time.”

Because the new year is a new start, right?

I’m sorry, but it’s not. It’s just a number we’ll all incorrectly write for a while when we date things.  Yes, I’m being harsh. If you want to take a moment to grumble at me, go for it. You done? Good.

But there is a light at the end of this pessimistic tunnel. Ready for it: It’s that EVERY DAY is a metaphorical “fresh start” for all of us. You are contently in the position to change, grow and thrive… all the god damn time. #truthbomb

So instead of offering you a blog on how to set a new year resolution or about how this is your shot for a “fresh start”, I am going to offer you tools on how you can keep yourself in a continual state of striving, so this time next year 2017 won’t feel like anything other than a timeline for your accomplishments.

dfcaxbf-p4g-morre-christopheEarly Bird Gets the Goals

I’m sorry “not a morning” person, but it’s gotta be said. Getting an early jump on the day is the best way to set yourself up for productivity. This being said, I understand some people run on different body clocks… so when I say “early jump” I mean relative to you. If normally you sleep till 12pm, get up at 11am instead. It might not seem like much, but feeling like your time isn’t being “wasted” is f*cking empowering. And knowing you’re the one making the choice not to let your day slip away adds to this positivity.

Plus, when you do want to have the occasional “lazy sleep in” you can properly enjoy it. Because it’ll be a choice rather than an act of habit.


Good Things Come in Small Goals

Set small, attainable goals each day. While making a big, juicy goal is great, we can sometimes get overwhelmed by how long it’ll take us to achieve them. In the meantime, set small daily goals so you can feel those accomplished feels on the regular. What does a small goal sound like? Glad you asked! A little something like:

  • Drink 5 big glasses of water today
  • Go for a 30min jog today, post-work
  • Call mom today (seriously, do it)

Notice how each have the word “today” in it rather than “each day”? This is because it’s important to recommit EACH AND EVERY DAY. A small goal may assist in your larger picture, but it is separate in that it is done and dusted on days’ end. This also means your goal expires in 24 hours, so no “putting it off till tomorrow”. *cue Emine: One Shot – Lose Yourself


Why Goal There?

What do you want? No, like REALLY want? You may set a goal, but why? You need to check in with yourself often to reaffirm your “why” in order to direct your actions properly. Example: “I want to eat healthily.” Why? “So I can lose weight?” Why? “So I feel better & healthier.” Why? "So I am happy with the choices I am making."

Basically, act like a 2-year-old with yourself asking “why” till you get a feeling. A want sets up our intention, but the emotion or feeling behind it propels that intention forward.

Follow me?


15034606_304940789904845_6972515732995178496_nIn a nutshell:

  • Don’t waste time! Start your day earlier and bask in the glory of enjoying more time.
  • Set daily goals and recommit to them every day.
  • Know WHY you are doing what you’re doing. Your “why” will fuel you.

Now go forth and chip away at 2017 one day at a time! This time next year you’ll breeze through “resolution” season, too busy seizing each day to pause for a “fresh start”.


You don't see a masterpiece take shape until you add all the pieces. Greatness works the same way.” - Nyeeam Hudson

Author: Jamieson Eileen

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