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  • Why We DON’T Set New Years Resolutions


    Another year around the sun is upon us. This is a time when we all look back upon what we did (or didn’t) accomplish and make plans to “do things better this time.”

    Because the new year is a new start, right?

    I’m sorry, but it’s not. It’s just a number we’ll all incorrectly write for a while when we date things.  Yes, I’m being harsh. If you want to take a moment to grumble at me, go for it. You done? Good.

    But there is a light at the end of this pessimistic tunnel. Ready for it: It’s that EVERY DAY is a metaphorical “fresh start” for all of us. You are contently in the position to change, grow and thrive… all the god damn time. #truthbomb

    So instead of offering you a blog on how to set a new year resolution or about how this is your shot for a “fresh start”, I am going to offer you tools on how you can keep yourself in a continual state of striving, so this time next year 2017 won’t feel like anything other than a timeline for your accomplishments.

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  • How Sh*t Works: Fuelling Your Body


    Your body is one energy burning machine. That is, when you fuel it properly. But this blog isn’t about how to fuel properly, it’s about how your body breaks down fuel to be used as workout crushing energy. Why should you care about how your body gets the job done? Because it’s freakin’ cool, that’s why!

    So, stick with me. Continue reading

  • Everything Pumpkin: Good and Good For You

    image03It’s finally pumpkin spice latte season, which makes it the perfect time to learn why pumpkin is such an important dietary staple for the fall.

    “Though pumpkin alone is rich in potassium and chock-full of the antioxidant beta-carotene many pumpkin-flavored foods are a dieter's worst nightmare,” writes Christine Mattheis at Health.

    So ditch that Starbucks cup and make room for this delectable little squash.

    High in fiber, full of vitamins, and easy to roast, bake, or stew, pumpkin’s about to become your new fall BFF. (You didn’t think we’d let you get away with just drinking lattes, did you?) Continue reading

  • Spin, Run, Row, Swim - What's the Best Cardio?

    image03Steady-state. HIIT. Low-impact.

    Suffering from cardio think-piece burn-out?

    We hear you.

    Discover your perfect cardio routine for once and all with our ultimate guide: Continue reading

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