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  • Kris Gethin talks "Calorie Counting"

    Some people like to get obsessive with their kriscalories and macros, weighing everything out and others like to eye ball the food they’re eating. There’s only one optimal way to do things and that is by tracking everything, anything else is just guessing which means you won’t be doing things as perfectly as you could.

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  • Get Real: It's #AllAboutTheBOOTY

    A 6-pack and the “ab crack” might be creeping up a bit as the most “liked” in social media rw-dmaks-pic-collagerankings – but (at least for now), a sculpted, toned backside remains the headlining story across platforms. We are obsessed with the booty…however, many of us are still wondering exactly how to get that booty – and I’m talking the real deal without Photoshop or the doctor’s office. Not to mention that it can get confusing because so much of what’s right - gets lost in the minutiae of the wrong stuff crowding our social media timelines.

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  • More Than Squash: Include These Fall Veggies at Your Next Meal

    image02If you’re tired of leaning on the same tried and true veggies each dinner, then it’s time to think big.

    Fall’s the perfect season to explore fresh produce - there’s a reason they call it the “harvest,” after all!

    From dark leafy greens to root vegetables galore, there’s more to a fall menu than squash puree and mushy peas.

    Read on for your new shopping list - and how each of these fall staples can help you crush it in the weight room:

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