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  • A First Timers Guide To The Gym

    first time at the gym, what to do at the gym

    Ryderwear Athlete Michael Wittig knows a thing or two about helping first-time gym goers. He's a Personal Trainer and Social Media Influencer who puts an incredible amount of effort into helping others achieve their goals. So we reached out and asked him what his top pieces of advice are for anyone just starting out on the gym floor. Continue reading

  • Smoothie Bowl 3-Ways



    If you haven’t tried a smoothie bowl yet, it’s time to get on it! They’re a delicious, thick, ice-cream adjacent blended bowl of magic. And I am not exaggerating, that’s my full-on opinion.


    Plus, they’re wicked easy to make! All you need are two base ingredients and the rest comes from your imagination! So, to get you started, here are your two base ingredients followed by 3 of my favourite smoothie bowl recipes:

    Continue reading

  • Ultimate Kettlebell Workout

    ultimate kettlebell workout

    A kettlebell is a killer piece of workout equipment. Originally used by farmers in Russia, it can be utilized in cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. But some still struggle to incorporate kettlebells into their routine. I get it, it can be confusing. Is it a kettle? Is it a bell? What is it really!?

    To clear things up, I’ve put together a full body kettlebell workout you can crush to get better acquainted with this fantastic workout companion! Perform each exercised between 10 – 15 reps and run through them 2 – 4 times (depending on fitness level and goals). Happy sweating! Continue reading

  • The 10 Min Workout Philosophy


    Too Busy to Exercise? Bullsh*t!

    One thing that goes hand-in-hand with the rosy disposition of certain death and taxes, is that time marches on. The steady progression of hair loss, shortened telomeres, sagging skin, aging…etc. (man, can’t wait to get old) commonly partners with muscle degradation and a bigger belly. This has a huge effect on our health in the United States, especially when we consider that population-wide health reduction is increasing... Continue reading

  • Creme Egg Protein Smoothie

    Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset © Ryderwear


    'tis the season of chocolaty temptation. While it's fine to give in and have a #cheatday from time to time, the whole Easter weekend can be a struggle to get through without caving each and every day. So we've whipped up a protein-packed smoothie to help take the edge off your creme egg cravings while you're focusing on them gainz.

    Continue reading

  • 10 Common Weightlifting MISTAKES



    Are any of these common mistakes holding you can from achieving them #gainz Continue reading

  • How Physical Performance Changes As We Age

    Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.50.26 am

    Like a fine wine, we all get fundamentally better with age. But our performance does change and it's 100% natural and okay. Check out this quick and dirty review of how our athletic performance changes with age so you can stay one step ahead of genetics and set yourself up for lifetime fitness success! Continue reading

  • How To Construct A Balanced Diet

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.57.16 amIt's a tale as hold as time, a song as old and rhyme... No, not THAT movie! It's eating a balanced diet. Though this advice is frequently heard, it doesn't ring any less true. If you've fallen off the clean eating wagon, take a look at the simple way you can get back to constructing a balanced diet.  Continue reading

  • How Sh*t Works: Pre-Workout Fuelling


    For an athlete, eating is just another aspect of training. Proper fuel intake prior, during, as well as after training will improve recovery time, boost mental and physical stamina, assist in muscle repair and building, improve muscle and cardiovascular function as well as promote joint health, reduce inflammation and boost overall energy. Try and say all that 10x fast.

    Every athlete is different and no one training diet will fit all. This is a review on when and what to eat to acquire the most energy from your food. So, before we dive into the actual eats, take a second and read How Sh*t Works: Fuelling Your Body to understand your energy systems and why I break down pre-fuelling based on when you’re training and for how long.

    … have you read it? Good. Now that you know your energy systems a bit better, we’re going to talk about how to fuel properly prior to working out. Continue reading

  • 5 Min With Ryderwear Athlete: Alicia Marie


    There is so much more to Ryderwear Athlete Alicia Marie than super hot abs and gravity defying booty. But don't take our word for it, spend 5min getting to know this savvy, hilarious and creative woman!  Continue reading

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